1. Basic Concept

The Tokyo Institute of Technology Earth-Life Science Institute (hereafter "our institute", "the institute", in accordance with the National University Corporation Tokyo Institute of Technology personal information protection rules and regulations, collects data from users of our institute's Web page(s) (pages with addresses beginning with http://wpi.elsi.jp/; hereafter "our site") in line with the following policies, within a range necessary for the smooth operation of our services (provision of information, receiving feedback, etc.). Our institute uses and manages collected information appropriately within the range of our stated objectives.


2. Range of Information Collected

(1) Names, personal addresses, phone numbers, etc. which are entered at the will of the sender when sending feedback, suggestions, inquires, etc. to our institute. In addition, the email address of the sender which appears in inquires, etc. sent by email.

(2) Our site automatically collects information on Internet domain names, IP addresses, and viewed content. To do this, our site makes use of cookies (information sent from the server to the user's browser and collected on the user's computer which allows the server to recognize users) and JavaScript embedding.


3. Objective of Use of Information

(1) Feedback, etc. obtained in 2. above will be used as a reference for the future operations of our institute. We will also use information on names, email addresses, personal addresses, and phone numbers for the purpose of replying to inquires or confirmation contact.

(2) Information collected in 2. above will be used in usage analysis and management of our site. In addition, we may loan usage analysis data to outside parties after exchanging contracts regarding protection of personal information.


4. Limits on Use/Sharing of Information

We limit the use and sharing of information collected on our site to the range necessary for achieving the objectives listed in 3. above. However, in the event that we receive a legal request for disclosure, or in the event of unauthorized access, threats, or other illegal behavior targeted at our institute, or in other special circumstances, or in the event that we have prior consent from the individual in question, we may provide information to a third party outside of the institute.


5. Safety Measures

We will implement safety measures in order to appropriately manage as well as prevent the loss, destruction, manipulation, or leaking of, as well as unauthorized access to, data collected through our site.


6. Disclosure of Our Information

As a basic rule, we will not respond to requests from submitters of inquiries, etc. for disclosure of information related to our institute.


7. Range of Application

This privacy policy applies only to our site. We may revise our policies for handling personal information collected on our site as necessary.