Earth-Life Science Institute (ELSI), Tokyo Institute of Technology issues press releases to journalists, writers, editors, and others connected to media organisations. The following subscription gives access to ELSI press releases in English that will be sent via email. 

What does ELSI press releases cover
Scientific research results
Press conference invitations
Announcements on outreach and education
Organisational announcements

Who is it for
Journalists from media organisations
Freelance journalists
Media personales

Embargo agreement
Those who subscribed expected to honour the ELSI’s embargo policy by agreeing not to publish or share the press release content in any means.
If you would like to unsubscribe from ELSI press releases, you can do so at any time by contacting us .
ELSI maintains the right to refuse to register applicants who, in our view, do not meet the criteria outlined above.
Personal information collected will be under the terms of ELSI Policy and will not be used for other purposes.

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