If you would like to use the laboratory equipment, please follow the steps below and submit the application form in advance (* a week prior to the beginning of use). Please note that the usage period is limited to one year at longest.


How to apply

[Notice] Those who do not have an accident insurance cannot do experiment. Thus, if you are host, please make sure if your guests have it in advance.

  1. Please download the application form below and fill in it.
  2. Submit it to your ELSI host to ask to fill in it.
  3. ELSI host submits it to a lab manager who is in charge of the laboratories.
  4. Lab manager submits it to the mail address below.
  5. Admin office issues the lab equipment user license card.
    * Please carry this card whenever you use the lab equipment.


Application Form   Lab Managers


Submit the application to:  lab_application_[at]_elsi.jp